Who We Are

Here's a quick history lesson about our company so you can know about how long we've been in business and what we've been doing all these years.

We are a group of dedicated individuals who have been doing PR management and consulting with roofing companies for several years now. No other firm as a result that we have and can deliver the results that we can in the amount of time that we can deliver.

You might be wondering what is it that we actually do, pretty much what we do is we go ahead and look at the current state of your business and we figure out what's going wrong and what's going right for your business. Once we figure that out then we know how to proceed and in our group of consulting individuals can brainstorm exactly what would be the appropriate stuff to help your business grow.

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Why Choose Us


We know what we're going
You'd be surprised at how many people that are in the consulting industry or absolutely clueless.


We have no negative reviews
Another great thing is that we have no negative reviews which is always a positive.


We've already helped thousands
We've already helped thousands struggling companies succeed and perspire.


We offer the cheapest rates
Last but not least one of the most important thing is we offer the cheapest rates.

Our History


in 1999 Leone started with a few clients and we quickly grew that into a few thousand clients. By being such a great consulting company we simply grew so quick that we have more clients than we can handle.

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In 2004 it was a great year for us because we took on some of the most difficult cases and we were able to bring them to a safe conclusion without much duresss.

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In 2007 took on even more clients of the point where we were just so ecstatic that we had so many clients who we were able to help in so many aspects of their business some of which they themselves didn't know were possible.

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Now in 2011 we have so much done so much accomplished that all of our clients are repeat customers and he always love what we can do for their business and help them grow. There's not many companies like us out there who can actually help you.

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